Celebrate with us “Justin A Davis ” ( 22ND) birthday in Heaven Oct 3RD 1990—-July 23RD 2010

Staying Focused in a world that has been turned upside down is the  the hardest thing for any family ! It has been a ” NIGHTMARE ” for us. To watch my kids suffer has been horrible. The pain all of us have felt has been nothing you can imagine.  ( WORD TO YOU ) WHEN SOMEONE YOU KNOW HAS LOST SOMEONE THEY LOVE , MOST OF ALL A CHILD ! do not say ‘ what can I do’  just do it. Don’t say’I know what you mean’  because you have no clue. This has made me change my way of expressing sympathy to anyone. A simple” I am sorry” and a big hug  to go along with there tears is enough to show them how much you care.

As we sat in the hospital I begged God to take me instead of Justin, God had other plans for some reason. The  “WHY ”  we will never know.

Psalm 89:48 (NIV)

Who can live and not see death, or who can escape the power of the grave? :

  • Colossians 3:3 (NIV)For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.
  • Psalm 116:15 (NIV)Precious in the sight of the lord is the death of his faithful servants.
  • It is hard to except he is gone . LIFE AS WE KNOW IT NOW HAS TO GO ON , AND WILL .  Until GOD says come hither !


On July the 23rd  of 2010 our life changed forever. Justin  took his ” Heavenly Journey ” never did we dream this would be our life ” THIS HAPPENS TO OTHERS NOT US ”  (guess what)  it happen to us.The task of learning to live now with a part of  you that is gone is hard.With God all things are possible,not always easy, but possible !  How you ask ? how do you not lose heart when you have lost one of the things you live for.  A  SON, GRANDSON, BROTHER, NEPHEW , COUSIN AND FRIEND TO SO MANY !  We are so glad we have wonderful memories of him . Looking at a  picture and smile or cry over it. Depends on how emotional we are on a particular day.

It has been ” TWO YRS ” since he was ripped from us.We are going to celebrate his Birthday today with him in our hearts . For he is in Heaven. Today I promise to smile and remember all the good times we had. I will be good to someone around me or that I meet , even if it means giving something away in his honor.

I would like to introduce you to ” JUSTIN A DAVIS ” Son of Johnny and Mia Davis from Oak Hill West Virginia, brother of Samantha Rea Davis. And  my grandson ! He was the most loving giving young man with a big heart. Oh my gosh his smile. his laughter and comical attitude  would warm up the whole room. He had a passion for the less fortunate even for the 4 legged fur babies. We never new what he was going to bring home next. One day he said to me I want a tiger or lion cub ! I laughed and replied ” well you better get a darn good job because they eat more than you and Nash put together. And could them boy’s eat 🙂 


Justin loved his family with a passion. He adored his little sister Sammie he would say” she is so beautiful”. He worried about her , he didn’t want the boys to be around her.He told me when she started to date or drive he would be following her around she wouldn’t know it. ( isn’t that sweet )  He would have been very proud of the young woman she is turning into.Samantha  is 15 yrs old now  and has her driving permit. Sammi has been a true rock for all of us, putting her own pain aside to help her Mom and Dad in there pain. Tell me that isn’t a very sensitive gal ? with wisdom beyond her years !

Justin loved his Uncle Brandon as if he were a brother, Brandon loved him like he was his own. Brandon didn’t have any children of his own for a long time,so he focused all his love on Justin and Sammie. None the less they weren’t all to happy when he had a child of his own Justin and Sammi  had to share their” uncle BB ” that is what they called him. Even though Brandon had  ” Hailey ” he still had time for them . Justin loved all the kids that came around. He loved to wrestle and play didn’t matter what age. Funny because they would all think they could take him , he was strong as an ox they couldn’t get to him ! And of course us gals love to watch all the older ones make a fool of themselves :).

When Justin was born it was a little scary because he had some lung problems.He was health netted to Charleston WV to women’s and children s hospital. He was in NICU for a while. God healed him and we got to bring our little bundle home with us. He was so beautiful ,such a good baby. He just didn’t like to go to sleep. Justin’s poppaw Darren was the one person that could rock him to sleep. His Mother was going to school plus working and his  Dad worked a lot of  hours so we had the pleasure of him spending  a lot time with him in his first few years of life .Staying all night at times. And always stayed with his other grandparents Holly and Belina Secrist on Saturday nights.He grew up helping them on there small but nice little farm, cutting wood , plowing up gardens and bringing in goods from the garden. He loved to go four wheeling in the grazing lands behind there house.The cows weren’t even afraid of the 4 wheeler. Justin was a very good soccer player. His favorite thing to do was go fishing , hunting and just 4 wheeling in the woods, which he would do as long as he could . He was into motorcycle racing for a little while. I hope you don’t mind me going on and on  about my baby boy !


you can’t see me can you ?

He would follow BB( remember his uncle Brandon )  all over the place . Brandon was a young boy when Justin was born. He would take him out side and play with him ,they would catch salamanders and all kinds of creepy things and bring them in the house. I dreaded what he would bring in next ! Look at this he would say and of course I would scream or go yuck !

he loved to play outside! look at that dirty face

Oh my ! I almost forgot about the water. He loved to swim , boat ,jet ski and water ski. That boy could have been a fish.One time we were camping at Blue stone lake. His dad had the ski boat, I had a pontoon boat. I decided to take the ski boat out.I said “come on Justin lets go for a ride”. I am sure glad he was brave enough to get on the boat with me that day. Everything was going good . We were pulling out from dock ,all was smooth running and I decide to kick it up a notch. You won’t believe what happen ( you guessed I almost sunk the boat ) When I floored that baby the nose went up in the air , water was coming in the back and I was scared. Justin said ” plane it down  Mom maw” ( I said ) what the heck is that ? You don’t have a plane on a pontoon boat all new to me. ( REMEMBER I HAD A PONTOON)  He said ” get up and let me have it “. I got up , he sat down behind the wheel, hit this little button and planed the boat right out as smooth as silk and took us right back to the dock.Just a little fellow 6 or 7 years old ! Isn’t that the sweetest picture in your head right now ?


Our family  love  Christmas. Justin was so much fun to watch ! It was exciting just watching him open his presents. His eyes would beam and his smile would widen He was all boy he loved to work on cars and of course like his dad he took everything apart.It being Christmas of course there were lots of things for him to take apart. Sometimes it went back together right, some times not.I am sure you have been through that also if you have kids or grand kids.

Mia and Justin first Halloween isn’t he the cutest thing ever ? Nothing like a mothers love