We are like a seed that God plants in a vast land. We grow inch by inch, to stand tall and tell of his love and his grace. He will plant us in one area,then move us to another, we are the witness of his love and kindness.

The healing power, the Blood of Jesus bestowed upon us.

There is light in a dark world that can not been seen by the naked eye.

The sun in a darken sky with clouds  full of rain, a warm breeze that brushes a babies check,the joy of a  mother’s kiss,how much more are we loved and cherished?

God’s love is so awesome. The darkness of death can not replace the joy of God’s love, even though we suffer,the pain of loss how much more did  he suffered  when his Son died on the cross.

Life does not spare the hurts that it brings,God gives us strength to get through it. The peace  God’s love brings , undying and always there.It is called faith;  “faith is that which is not seen” , touched or tasted. Faith is knowing  God is there at all times, “FAITH” that goes beyond all understanding in the world and what happens around us.

WE know  the smile of God is upon us as we learn to bend like the corn of the fields when the wind threatens to break them, we hear his sweet voice, as it whispers ” peace be still “.

As the deer stands at attention to hear what is coming, with its tail in the air, it can leap to safety. How much more will God watch and wait for us to come to him, listen to his voice. No matter what there is a better life awaiting. There is no answers to the question “WHY” all he wants us to do is believe that he will make things right. We will laugh  and enjoy our friends and  our family.

As we live each day to watch  the sun come up and the sun go down, to see the beauty all around. The  blossom of spring , the birds as they sing, the little  bunny’s hop. To hear the kids laugh and  play what joy it brings.

How can we not know there is a God?  How can we doubt where it all came from?  How can we go one more minute and not serve him with a whole heart?

I want to spend my life focusing on God. There are things  he has called me to do. There are people I can encourage each day. If I  just  step out in ” faith”!

There is beauty to enjoy on Gods earth, we think everything is ours, it is not ours, it is his!  God created the ” HEAVENS AND EARTH ” in six days , he rested on the seventh.

Each time you look out your window at the day break , hear the birds sing ,with beauty so amazing, it is not by accident ” GOD ” created them,in all the splendor.

He will free us from evil some day, he will make all things right  ,  just as he did in the days of Noah. He knows how many hairs are on your head , he knows how many stars are in the sky. He knows how many animals are in the earth, how much more does he know? He knows  all, nothing done  he does not know, not one stone upturn that he has not allowed to be turned. There is not one grain of sand he did not create and place it where it lies.

As you close your eyes, envision the waves of the ocean the roar of the seas , the gulls fly around looking for something to eat. Whales jump to take a breath or a dolphin sores to show its grace, all of this my friend ,know that our God loves us more than any of these.  He loved us enough to create us in his own image WOW THAT IS A AWESOME THOUGHT!


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