Past , Present and Future

The life we live today will be our story for tomorrow.

The day we are gone someone will start telling our story 

 ” The past” something we can not change

 ” Present” where we are  in the moment

 ” Future”  something we look forward to

What  story will your  life tell?  People love to tell stories. They love to laugh at some of the things we have done through the years. Think of the stories you have told about the people you have known.  Family friends and acquaintances. The stories people will tell about you after you are gone those are the ones you want to be remembered for. 

I am happy when I hear my kids tell stories of when they were little,things that happen and my reactions to their little antics!  I watch their eyes light up, all their animation when they tell one of the stories of something they got caught doing.  O the smile that brings to my face; nothing will ever replace it. 

We all have things in our past we wish we could change. There are things in our present we should take a good look at to make sure they don’t become a regret. We all  wonder what the future has in store.  We fear the unknown, what it may hold for us.  Why, worry about the tomorrows it will come no matter what, the yesterdays  have come and gone, let go of them.  Enjoy all that God has given you!  Some have a lot, some have little some have none.  Each person’s circumstance are different, all we can do is make a difference where and when we can. Only God can save the world, all we can do is help where we can we are not God!!!

The choices are what has made us who we are today good bad or indifferent; it is ours alone.  When you make good choices be proud of yourself, feel good about it, don’t let anyone take that from you. If you have made bad choices, don’t blame someone else for that. Stand up and take responsibility for it. The choices you make will impact the way you view yourself and the way you feel others view you as well, your attitude will speak volumes about you as well.

I could  blame others for all the mistakes I have made in my life , where would it get me? I made the choice to do the things I have done. As a child, I was very strong-willed. I am sure my parents could have pulled out their hair, or, at times  mine! The strong will has gotten me in  a lot of trouble. Even going as  far as to rebel against  God. Therefore putting all the plans God  had in store for me on hold. IT IS A STRONG WILLED PERSON who would tell God that they would do it their way. God’s word says, ” I knew you before you were formed in your mothers womb”( if he knew us he had plans for us) His word also says he ” predestined us Romans 8 28-29 Ephesians 1:5.

Through many  years of rebellion  it gained me nothing but a lot of heartache and a broken spirit. Time wasted  that  could have been used for the greater good of God’s kingdom and for a closer knit family. Being  older now and my energy is spent. No longer able to  do some things like I once could. I write this to say to you don’t waste what God has given you by being rebellious!  Find a mirror and take a real good look in , if you have a family , husband , kids mother or father, you are not only  harming yourself , your are harming everyone that loves you. Most of all God . You are cheating yourself out of a life that God has set out mapped out planned out down to the day you are to take your last breath , and Satan would love to steal it all from you.

God gives us the most wonderful gifts in the world, we just fail to see them as our blinders are so dark and tainted with sin.  I look out our Sun room window and see the beauty that He has created around me. It is so amazing;, the ducks in my neighbors pond the horses that run the hill to right of me are so mesmerizing.  How could anyone ever doubt we have a divine creator.  So much beauty. I am so blessed with my wonderful husband and little dogs the unconditional love that  God gives us.

I have had rough times in my life  , looking back , those times are the work of my own hands. Yet bad things can happen to wonderful people; people who have almost always done things right. For them, we can ask but will never know why. Bad things happen to good people we don’t know why and never will.

My mother taught me and tried to tell me what was right in the eyes of God l ended up married 15 and my baby was born when I was 16. I don’t have the words to describe how hard it was to be two kids raising a baby. I had to quite school because , in those days, you were not allowed to prance around with tight cloths on and display your ” baby bump”.  We wore dresses to the middle of our knee’s and stockings or socks with our shoes. Go figure , it was called a” dress code”. Also, kids were expected to behave in a respectful manner and were punished in school and at home when we were disrespectful to a teacher.  I lived through it so did my kids . I thank God everyday for my two boys and their families I don’t know where I would be without them,  don’t want to imagine life without them. I thank God they work and take good care of their families they are wonderful men. I am one proud Mother !

Today we live in a society of ” ENTITLEMENT ”  so many people think the world or government owe them a living.  God said a man that does not work does not eat. That means his family as well, in God’s word he said a man is to care for his family so he would work to feed them not let them go hungry. No one has to stay in this state of life it is a choice I pray yours will be God first then have pride in yourself and care for your family. So your Past Present and Future story will be an honorable one for your family !

May God Bless You Always



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