Yvonne Pacella

Bio: I am a Believer in the "TRINITY " FATHER /SON AND HOLY GHOST. I believe that Jesus was born of the "VIRGIN MARY " and DIED on a "CRUEL CROSS " to save us from our sins. I have lived a simply life , yet simply lived the best I knew how. I have grown with each stage of my life, with each change has brought a new insight to who I am , what I am worth, most of all what I am worth to God. I grew up in a small town. Married very young , had a child at a young age. Love being a mother and grand mother .Have be blessed with two wonderful son's , they work hard and do well. I could always spend more time with them, the problem is I have the time they don't ! When we get a little older and slow down that is when you realize it is best to take time. . A lot of changes in my life have made me the person I am today. I am happily married to a wonderful Christian man , live nice and have two little dashounds: spoiled I may add they love to eat "AND CUDDLE" Love to see us when we come home. Attend Church on Sunday , Wed and other things that take place for fellowship. I also volunteer at Church on Line , Live prayer host and chat host. It is awesome to serve the Lord with people all over the world. I have always love to write, so I am using this as a start , even if it never goes any where but here. If I can help or inspire one person bring one person to Christ that is good enough for me. May God Bless you always Yvonne

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